What Matters MOST…………………… by Dawn Faust

by Dawn Faust on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 8:37am

What Matters Most………..

Is my conscience clear

Growing in Character

Year by year

Living and loving

Not ordered by fear

True friends and family

Held ever so dear…………That’s what matters most

 What matters most……..

Is what I have done

With my  time and talent,

And rearing my young.

And babies I rocked

And lullabies sung.

Memories made

And praise on my tongue…….That’s what matters most

 What matters most……….

Is lessons I learned

Things God has taught me

And corners I turned

For not being hardened

When I’ve been spurned

To be open to love

Despite being burned…………That’s what matters most

 What Matters most…………..

Is what you create

With what you are given

Whatever your fate

And being  GRATEFUL

For what’s on your plate

When you EXCEED Circumstance

That’s  when your GREAT……… That’s what matters most.

 What Matters Most…………….

Is time you invest

In  lives and souls

at God’s  request

And sharing your faith

 When put to the test

And giving your all

So that others are blessed……..And that’s what matters MOST.

I wrote this at a time when I was tempted to focus on all that had been lost rather than what remained.  I thank God that he gave me the presence of mind to change my “stinkin thinkin” and shift my focus to ALL my blessings.  For everything that was removed by my cancer diagnosis, God has refilled or restored ten-fold.

My Caregiver, My Love and Best Friend.......................John Bibby.

 A caregivers LOVE………………by Dawn Faust written 2/2/2011

LOVE sits beside me in a chemo chair

He says I am beautiful without any hair

He smiles reassuringly when I am afraid

He gives to me peace tho nothing is said.

LOVE brings me a drink

And gently kisses my cheek

He says that he loves me

And yet does not speak.

LOVE watches everyone

That works over me

My vigilant sentry

To the highest degree

LOVE  brings me home

He tucks me in bed

He checks on me frequently

He kisses my head.

LOVE wakes me for food,

To help keep me strong

He fusses and fetches

At times all night long.

LOVE is not angry

He is patient and kind

He is always helpful

And does not mind.

LOVE continually gives

Without self-regard

It is not a burden

It is natural, not hard.

LOVE does not keep track

Of all that he’s done

All that matters to him

Is the battle be WON.

God Bless the caregivers………………LOVE = John Bibby.


Contemplation and Radiation

by Dawn Faust on Monday, July 12, 2010 at 4:10pm

There is a champion in me
Hands held above my head
In a self-congratulatory grasp.

A hopeful smile upon lips
Thinking of good times
Yet to be had

Although I am bare
I have dignity
I have pride

I picture God’s light
And healing hand
Upon my breast each day

I will not burn
I will not blister
This too will pass

Then I will see
Then I will gain
My whole life once again.


This was written during my radiation phase and it is a poem that captures the visualization and thoughts I kept in my mind while undergoing radiation treatment.  It was very  unsettling to see the technicians shield themselves from what I was exposed to daily for 35 days straight.  I was not ignorant to the danger and long-term effects of radiation.  But you have to make it long-term to get the effects and that was the point of the whole radiation exercise.


Fishes and Loaves………………………by Dawn Faust

by Dawn Faust on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 3:35pm

 The day is done Lord

Nothing more to be done

Another day Lord

Was a victory won?

I feel so defeated

There is nothing in view

And so I turn Lord

This day over to you.


Fishes and loaves Lord,

It’s what I’ve got

Fishes and loaves Lord,

It’s not a lot

But what I have Lord

I give to you

Fishes and Loaves Lord

It is but a few.


But in your hands Lord

Only abundance is found

What seems so  meager

Can truly abound

By Taking my efforts

And adding your grace

Multiple blessings

Fall into place.


A new day dawns Lord

 I begin it with you

Another day Lord

Please guide me through

Strengthen my hand Lord

As I take the plow

Walk with me always

Go before me somehow.


Fishes and loaves Lord,

My heart overflowing

Fishes and loaves Lord,

Abundant and growing

All that I gave

He multiplied

Fishes and Loaves Lord

Now Sanctified.

This poem was written on a day when I was feeling overwelmed with work and wondering if I was making wise use of my precious time.  My day had been constantly interupted with minutia and I felt I had nothing to show for my efforts.  God gave me this poem and the right perspective.


Together is Better………..By Dawn Faust

by Dawn Faust on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 4:50pm

 Two set off on a rugged road

Bound together to share the load

And  they held Hope, Hands & Hearts.

They laughed; they shared right from the start.


 Two set sail in a driving storm

 They sailed together til one was worn

And when one became tired out

The other steered til they came about.


Two set off with a mountain to scale

Hoping to become hearty and hale

They took their treatment and did it right

And hoped and prayed with all their might.


Any battle is so much better

When we  support one another and work together

When one is weak, another is strong

It is God’s desire that we do not battle alone.


One alone is so easily torn

But two together is not easily worn

And Three together a chord do make

They may batter and bruise but will not break


 Much needed power and support is found

When many together are tightly bound

Love and support lends grace for each day.

The very battle is WON this way.

I wrote this right after the passing of a dear friend of mine, Tony Brocato.  Tony and I went through cancer at the same time and supported one another.  Right after Tony passed, I was aske to lead a Breast Cancer Support Group at Space Coast Cancer Center.  I was giving much thought to my new mission of helping others when I wrote this poem.



Ode To The Hollowman by Dawn Faust

by Dawn Faust on Monday, July 12, 2010 at 1:54pm


 I did not see the emptiness

Only laughter and surprise.

I did not see the darkness there

Behind his vacant blue eyes

He had me fooled

His heart was cold

But others could clearly see

His cruel, cruel ways

In the coming days

Completely draining me.


Chorus: And you can’t love a Hollowman

And exist on stress and strife.

The chaos and turmoil

Will surely take your life.

How many times can you scream I love you

Into a hollow hole.

When only your voice echos back,

It’s sure to steal your soul.


I gave and gave all I had

In hopes to fill him up

The more I gave, more was demanded.

Nothing was ever enough.

The more I tried

the less was gained.

It made no sense to me

But I was blind

To the pit

That sucked all my energy.


Chorus: And you can’t love a Hollowman

And exist on stress and strife.

The chaos and turmoil

Will surely take your life.

How many times can you scream I love you

Into a hollow hole.

When only your voice echos back,

It’s sure to steal your soul.


Then one day the tables turned

And I needed a friend.

I was weak, not feeling well

And to HIM I could not attend

He turned away

And left that day

Said his love for me had died

It was then I saw

The man I loved

Was vacant and hollow inside.


Chorus: And you can’t love a Hollowman

And exist on stress and strife.

The chaos and turmoil

Will surely take your life.

How many times can you scream I love you

Into a hollow hole.

When only your voice echos back,

It’s sure to steal your soul.

This was written at the time I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I had married such a cold and cruel man.  He did not suddenly become cold and cruel, it was there all along and I allowed it for myself.  Actually, I chose it.  I had to look at that fact and the things I believed about myself to allow me to pick this for my life.  This poem came in the midst of that process.



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