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New reflections on loss

I just got an email from a friend who just lost her 24-year-old son, in his sleep yesterday. Her pain is incomprehensible. My pain for her is immense. Having a 23-year-old son myself, living in Pennsylvania, it caused me to check his Facebook page. I immediately checked on all my kids to make sure that they were safe. I quickly wrote a note on Taylor’s wall to say that I love him. This is the second May in a row where a Mom I know of  has lost their only child (son). They have been taken suddenly at the same juncture of their young life.  Leaving crushed hearts, broken dreams and hopes in the wake.  Inexplicable and devastating loss.

And now I sit here with an old familiar friend…………sudden, inexplicable loss. We know each other well. We have met many times before. He is like a rude and unwelcome house guest that shows up, tries to take up residence and make himself at home. He wants to live here, you know. He is always looking for a way to barge in and high jack my positive life and outlook. But I will have none of it!  Change and consequently, loss is a part of life!  If you are alive, loss is certain at times.  It will be a part of our human experience.

I will do what loss has taught me to do in the past. I will appreciate today! A new day and an opportunity to bless, help and glorify GOD. I will show deep and abiding gratitude for the people I love and who love me. I will thank GOD for all the wonderful times and memories I have as a MOM. I will endeavor to be truly present and live in the moment and be GRATEFUL for all of it. ALL OF IT!!

And I will be a good friend.  I will respect the privacy needs of my friend and remain available for whatever she needs.  I will also seek God’s comfort and peace for her in her loss.