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What Matters Now!!

What Matters Now!!


What Matters Now

Posted on 01. Jan, 2013 by  in Lead From WithinLeadershipLeadership DevelopmentLife BalanceLife SkillsPersonal DevelopmentPurposeSelf HelpWorkplace

What matters now is that we are responsible for our own experience.

As leaders, we don’t do what we do for a paycheck or for recognition. We tend to tie our work to a deeper purpose.

We give our purpose meaning, and that meaning drives us create what matters:

Create what matters now: by paying attention. We get so caught up in our everyday activities we don’t notice what’s in front of us. We allow the most important things to pass us by—precious people, precious moments. The gift of time is given to each of us without certainty or guarantees, so don’t wait for a special event to come along. Make connecting to the things that give you meaning a priority every day.

Create what matters now:  by avoiding regrets. Hospice nurses tell us they hear their dying patients say they wish they had worried less and loved more. They wish they had followed their passion and not worried about what others would think.  Their biggest concerns are whether they loved enough, whether they brought enough meaning, whether they lived out their purpose. Don’t wait until the end to look back—do it now, while you have the capacity to change. Make this time, today, worthwhile.

Create what matters now: by overcoming insecurities. Do we want to stay stuck in our insecurities, or do we want to move on with what we came here to do?  Be honest with yourself, and when you are fearful bring on the confidence you need to get you through it.

Create what matters:  by charting our own path. It’s easy to get caught up with other people’s drama, expectations, and experiences.  As a leader who is looking to create meaning, examine your vision and keep it connected to your dreams.

Create what matters now:  by staying true to ourselves. Do what is right for you. Act from your own integrity, your principles, your values.  The only thing you can do is be yourself, and know that you matter. At its deepest level, bringing meaning to leadership is bringing purpose to life, and bringing purpose means you are making this world a better place.

Lead from Within: What matters now is to follow your true self and create what matters by bringing meaning to your leadership, to yourself, and to others.


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