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When I grow up I want to be……………….Like Nana <3


As Written by my sister Diana:

Today is the 95th birthday of a VIP, my Nana, Sylvia Faust. To know her is to love and admire her. She is a true role model. At 95 she is still going strong. She gets up everyday w/ a purpose! We have to keep a calender for all her activities- although it’s for my benefit – HER memory is like a steel trap. She is very active in her church and community. She has got to be the most compassionate person I have ever known! She runs the food pantry @ church and when she hears that there is a need- she is on it! She is full of wisdom and knowledge  She teaches Sunday School to the adults @ church. She reads every jot and tittle of the SUN paper and does the crossword puzzle – even Saturday’s!!! And @ 95 she IS NOT OLD! She has a laptop and uses it to surf the internet and is on FB, reads via a NOOK and still drives a fully loaded PT Cruiser! She is a true inspiration! I am truely blessed to have this wonderful, inspirational lady in my life!!! I love you Nana!

My thoughts:  God places people in our lives that are inextricably connected to who we become and are. These people are a constant source of influence, modeling and teaching. They lovingly form and mold our character by their actions, words and support. They give sacrificially without any sense of obligation or need for recognition. Ultimately, these are the people are who we want to emulate. In my life, these were my paternal grandparents….. Nana and Pop. Today my Nana, Sylvia Faust, celebrates 95 years of life. She IS exactly what I hope to become, when I grow up. She is loving, generous, productive, intelligent and blesses all who know her. Happy Birthday Nana………….I love you so!!




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