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Space Coast Cancer names Faust Marketing Specialist


Space Coast Cancer Center Names Faust Marketing Specialist

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Space Coast Cancer Center announced today Dawn Faust has been selected as the medical practice’s marketing and communications specialist.

Dawn Faust

Faust will be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the marketing efforts of Space Coast Cancer Center, as well as Space Coast Cancer Foundation. She recently transitioned from a directors’ role with SCB Marketing to her new role at Space Coast Cancer Center.

Faust was a patient at Space Coast Cancer Center, were she was successfully treated and now survives breast cancer since 2009. She was the Space Coast Cancer Foundation “Survivor of the Year” in 2011.

Dr. Richard Levine

“For the past three years Dawn has given much time and energy to cancer causes,” said Dr. Richard Levine, founder of Space Coast Cancer Center and the Space Coast Cancer Foundation.

In addition to serving on the boards of Space Coast Cancer Foundation and Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, Faust has lead and facilitated breast cancer support groups for Space Coast Cancer Center for the past two years. She has given her time and talent to the American Cancer Society, the Cattle Baron’s Ball and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Faust is a noted public speaker and, an inspirational blog for cancer patients.

Faust’s education is rooted in the medical field, beginning her career as a lab technician in Maryland. She also spent 15 years in sales management and has successfully lead many sales organizations and helped numerous non-profits and business owners in Brevard County, Florida raise brand awareness and grow market share.

Highest Quality Medical Care

The mission of Space Coast Cancer Center is to provide the highest quality medical care and service to the patients and families of our community, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated staff.

Serving the residents of Brevard County since 1983, Space Coast Cancer Center, features locations in Titusville, Merritt Island, Viera. Space Coast Cancer is honored to be the first practice in Florida and the only cancer center in Brevard and one of the first 17 in the U.S., to be nationally certified for quality by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI).

For information call 855-894-4673 or log on to

What Matters Now!!

What Matters Now!!


What Matters Now

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What matters now is that we are responsible for our own experience.

As leaders, we don’t do what we do for a paycheck or for recognition. We tend to tie our work to a deeper purpose.

We give our purpose meaning, and that meaning drives us create what matters:

Create what matters now: by paying attention. We get so caught up in our everyday activities we don’t notice what’s in front of us. We allow the most important things to pass us by—precious people, precious moments. The gift of time is given to each of us without certainty or guarantees, so don’t wait for a special event to come along. Make connecting to the things that give you meaning a priority every day.

Create what matters now:  by avoiding regrets. Hospice nurses tell us they hear their dying patients say they wish they had worried less and loved more. They wish they had followed their passion and not worried about what others would think.  Their biggest concerns are whether they loved enough, whether they brought enough meaning, whether they lived out their purpose. Don’t wait until the end to look back—do it now, while you have the capacity to change. Make this time, today, worthwhile.

Create what matters now: by overcoming insecurities. Do we want to stay stuck in our insecurities, or do we want to move on with what we came here to do?  Be honest with yourself, and when you are fearful bring on the confidence you need to get you through it.

Create what matters:  by charting our own path. It’s easy to get caught up with other people’s drama, expectations, and experiences.  As a leader who is looking to create meaning, examine your vision and keep it connected to your dreams.

Create what matters now:  by staying true to ourselves. Do what is right for you. Act from your own integrity, your principles, your values.  The only thing you can do is be yourself, and know that you matter. At its deepest level, bringing meaning to leadership is bringing purpose to life, and bringing purpose means you are making this world a better place.

Lead from Within: What matters now is to follow your true self and create what matters by bringing meaning to your leadership, to yourself, and to others.

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Pump N’ Run For Cancer 5K

The More you Bench, the Faster you Run!
Join Space Coast Cancer Foundation to Pump N’ Run
Against Cancer. Each participant will have an opportunity
to do maximum bench press repetitions, followed by a
5K run or elect to participate in the 5K run only.
Time Deduction
30 seconds per rep will be deducted from the competitor’s
final 5k time for the Pump and Run Division.
Bench weight will be determined by gender, individual age
and weight, which will be measured prior to the bench press.
Lifting Technique
Lift starts with the bar in the extended position. Feet
must remain in contact with the floor throughout the lift
(no hooking bench support with feet/legs). Bar must touch
the chest and be fully extended on each press – stopping
terminates the lift. No bouncing bar off chest. Shoulder
and rear must stay in contact with the bench during lifts.
If necessary, plates may be placed under lifters’ feet.
Age Groups & Guidelines
Go to Pump N’ Run
Age Groups for Pump N’ Run 5K and 5K are the same
Lifting Schedule and Packet Pick Up
Bench press will be held at the YMCA on:
• Thursday, March 21, 7:00am – 9:00am
5:00pm – 7:00pm
• Friday, March 22, 7:00am – 9:00am
5:00pm – 7:00pm
• Saturday, March 23, 6:00am – 7:45am (pre-race)
• Pump
Top 3 Overall Male & Overall Female
• Pump & Run 5K
Top 3 Overall Male & Overall Female
3 Deep in 10 year age groups
• Run 5K (no pumping)
Top 3 Overall Male & Overall Female
3 Deep in 10 year age groups
Course Description
The course runs from the YMCA on
Park Ave., right on Knox McCrae, right
on Harrison St., returning to the YMCA.
2400 Harrison Street
Titusville, FL 32780
at the Saturday, March 23rd
2nd Annual Pump n’ Run
Race begins at 8:00am
Registration begins at 6:30am

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When I grow up I want to be……………….Like Nana <3


As Written by my sister Diana:

Today is the 95th birthday of a VIP, my Nana, Sylvia Faust. To know her is to love and admire her. She is a true role model. At 95 she is still going strong. She gets up everyday w/ a purpose! We have to keep a calender for all her activities- although it’s for my benefit – HER memory is like a steel trap. She is very active in her church and community. She has got to be the most compassionate person I have ever known! She runs the food pantry @ church and when she hears that there is a need- she is on it! She is full of wisdom and knowledge  She teaches Sunday School to the adults @ church. She reads every jot and tittle of the SUN paper and does the crossword puzzle – even Saturday’s!!! And @ 95 she IS NOT OLD! She has a laptop and uses it to surf the internet and is on FB, reads via a NOOK and still drives a fully loaded PT Cruiser! She is a true inspiration! I am truely blessed to have this wonderful, inspirational lady in my life!!! I love you Nana!

My thoughts:  God places people in our lives that are inextricably connected to who we become and are. These people are a constant source of influence, modeling and teaching. They lovingly form and mold our character by their actions, words and support. They give sacrificially without any sense of obligation or need for recognition. Ultimately, these are the people are who we want to emulate. In my life, these were my paternal grandparents….. Nana and Pop. Today my Nana, Sylvia Faust, celebrates 95 years of life. She IS exactly what I hope to become, when I grow up. She is loving, generous, productive, intelligent and blesses all who know her. Happy Birthday Nana………….I love you so!!



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The Power of Small Gestures

I have spent considerable time thinking about what made the biggest difference and had the largest positive impact on me, while I was going through cancer.  After much reflection and careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that is was the small genuine gestures of people around me.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate EVERYTHING that was done for me……….EVERYTHING.  But whether it was a phone call, a card, a gift card, a touch, a smile.  It was these gestures from people who lifted my spirits when I was at my lowest.

I encountered my fair amount of people in the places I traveled, who looked at me and pitied me.  Cancer patients HATE pity.  We do not want pity, we want compassion.  And it is palpable folks.  A cancer patient can tell the difference between what is done out of pity, obligation or true and genuine compassion.  When your head is bald, it is like hanging a sign around your neck saying, I AM SICK!!  And there were times I wore my wig just to not have to deal with the stares, the pity and occasionally contempt.  When I see someone with scant hair on their head, it takes me instantly back to those days when I was in that same boat.  My heart becomes full, I know how they feel.  I soften, I remember and I try to engage.  I rush in to encourage and try to help them to envision a future.

So many people do not understand my passion to surround myself with cancer patients and face my demons daily.  Someone has to help cancer patients and it needs to be people who love and understand them.  People fail to remember that inside every body, healthy or not is a SPIRIT and SOUL.  That soul is not sick, their body is sick.  Their spirit is intact and very interested IN LIFE and HEALTH.  They are not defined by their disease.  They need you to see them not just the cancer.  Look them in the eye, don’t avert your gaze.  SMILE and say HELLO and engage them as you would anyone else.  You have no idea that just that can be so refreshing from where they sit.

If you know someone in the fight… them, write them a note, bring a meal, just visit them.  I still tear up when I think of the genuine gestures that were demonstrated to me when I was in the fight.

I know it is tough, I used to run away from this myself.  Until my own cancer diagnosis, and having watched 3 family members die up close & personal, I ran away like my hair was on fire.  I get it, it isn’t  always easy to do.  BUT remember……………………….

Small gestures………when we are beaten down and feeling alone in our pain/ disease, it is the powerful small gesture that elevates. It is not grandiosity that warms and connects us to others, it is small and genuine gestures of caring that bring people back from the brink.

Chemo cake

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The Cove at Port Canaveral presents Check to Space Coast Cancer Foundation


Diane Petrocelli, Stan Payne, Vonda Wellborn and Stef Mattia from Port Canaveral present Space Coast Cancer Foundation with a check for $28,000 for the Vonda Wellborn Pink Ribbon walk, held on Oct 6, 2012.  Accepting the check were Space Coast Foundation Board Members:  Tina Norman, Eddie Norman,  Dawn Faust and Dr. Duff Sprawls.

Dawn Faust’s team raised $3500 for the walk and was presented separately.  This years walk will take place on Oct 5, 2013 and will expect over 500 walkers and be followed by Port Fest.