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A re purposed life…………….

In today’s urban society, it is common to see many articles of housewares, antique or otherwise re purposed.  The dictionary says to re purpose is to take an article that is designed and fashioned for a particular purpose and utilize it for another purpose entirely.  This can be done with or without modification.  My daughter, Morgan is a master at re purposing.  She can take a discarded item and make it into a treasure.  See the antler serving utensils below that she did as her final project at U of A in Phillie.  In a million years, I would have never seen these antlers as potential serving utensils……….but SHE did.

Time and again I have watched her take natural elements stone, shells, wood and she re purposes them into something beautiful or useful.  One time she made a shower curtain entirely of plastic bags.  She sewed them together and made a really neat and funky shower curtain.  So creative and yet completely practical.  I repeat, she is a master at seeing the hidden potential in things you and I would overlook and discard.

Prior to my cancer journey I had a life.  I was a Mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend and wife.  I had worked hard my entire life.  I had worked in the medical field and in furniture sales and was a business owner.  If you had a dream or goal, I was happy to support you in that endeavor. I have spent countless hours to help others build an enterprise or business.  I have invested time and money in the dreams of others.  But I never had a dream/ or vision for myself. I was driven in my work to provide for myself and my family and my job has always been a means to an end.

Since surviving cancer that has all changed……..not immediately but over the last 3 years.  Today, I have a fire in my belly to help cancer patients and raise money and assist in programs that help those afflicted and brought down by cancer.  The ember began when I was so utterly crushed at the beginning of my diagnosis.  With everyday, it grows and grows.  The deep satisfaction that I get when I help cancer patients just fans the flame.  For the first time in MY LIFE, I have a true purpose and passion for something that is way bigger than me.  It is unquenchable and it grows day by day.

Prior to cancer my life was like the Shakespearean comedy  “Much Ado About Nothing”.  The things that I spent time on and concerned myself with were really “nothing”.  They did not make an impact or help people in any real or significant way.  The only other endeavor that had any real importance or significance was motherhood.  Other than that………….all drivel really.  Now my focus is PEOPLE and in particular cancer patients.  I am drawn to them, I love to talk to them and most importantly……..I MUST help them.  It’s almost as if, I have no choice in the matter… is what I MUST do.  Yes, an imperative.

Repurposing lives is God’s specialty, time and again down through human history, he has done it.   We read all the stories in the Old and New Testament of the Bible.  The Apostle Paul…….originally Saul was a classic example of a re purposed life.  He became a new creation………re purposed for a life in service to God and people.  Many times God changed people’s names to signify this change.  I kind of did the same thing, after I finished my treatment and at the end of my divorce, I dropped my middle name.  My Mom was not thrilled about that, but I felt I needed a monument/ marker to my new life.  It really was a thoughtful decision.  I came into this world as Dawn Marie Faust and after cancer I became Dawn Faust.  Dawn means “a new beginning” and Faust means “fist” in German.  My name now meant ” a new beginning began with a fight/ battle”.  It suits me and my re purposed life.  Yes, it really does.    🙂


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