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Labor Day Reflections……this will NOT be politically correct.

Happy Labor Day or as I will say Anti-entitlement Day!!  Allow me to expound.

I am not coming from a place of ignorance or inexperience.  I have been hard pressed on all sides.  Just 3 years ago, the rug was completely pulled out from underneath the fabric of my life.  In a matter of eight weeks I went from being a working business owner, married, healthy, home owning woman to the complete antithesis of all of that.  I LOST it all…….in one fell swoop.

Consequently, I needed help and a lot of it.  Having worked my entire adult life, not working was a difficult spot to be in.  Believe it or not, I did not qualify for “assistance”.  I applied and was repeatedly denied.  If someone who is battling cancer, is unemployed, homeless and with a 17-year-old son with them, does not qualify, I am not sure who does.  But apparently, I did not.  It was actually the fact that I had worked all my life that saved the day.  I had to file an unemployment claim against the company I had help to build, in order to “live”.  And I put that in quotes because Tucker and I lived on $1000 a month.  My anti nausea pills alone, cost $300 while on chemo.  Needless to say, I went into chemo without my anti nausea medication most of the time.

I am painting a picture here folks.  The programs for “assistance” were just that.  Meant to assist for a season.  If you needed help for a limited period of time, a safety net, if you will.  It was not meant for the Flying Wallendas to throw a block party in!!!!! It really burns my buns that someone like me did not qualify, when you have GENERATIONS of folks who have sucked the life out of the system so those in true need “do not qualify”.  The system is seriously broken folks.  Having had this experience, it makes me crazy when I encounter people who feel they are entitled.

As Americans we have inalienable rights guaranteed by The Bill of Rights.  And NONE of these are FREE.  Someone paid for them, at times with their own BLOOD (thank you servicemen and women). So what am I saying??…………the bible says it best.

Ephesians :  4:28

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

I am happy to be a laborer.  My Nana says:  “There is dignity in ALL labor”.  I now work to try to help those that I KNOW are in need and in a temporary tough patch, like I was. I raise money for the truly needy that are stuck in the same non qualifying state that I was.  One of my new favorite quotes:

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and receive without ever forgetting”……..AMEN!!!!!

Happy Anti- Entitlement Day!!!


6 thoughts on “Labor Day Reflections……this will NOT be politically correct.

  1. Dawn! Amen, When I got sick, I had to take a Home Equity loan to pay my medical expenses (I had to spend 6 figures and all the equity in my house) it is so wrong, because as you I worked all my life as you did!

  2. I can so relate! I was so upset when I went through chemo and applied for disability and was turned down. I started working for my parents companies when I was 14, I have paid taxes since 14. I was so discouraged to be turned down when all I was asking was for help during my tough time. I was told by more than one that you have to be on your death bed to get help. I know people who get soc security for depression! Well try going through cancer and it’s treatments and not be depressed!

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