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So what are you doing?? HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Lately, I have had women run across the room to ask me this question……….so, what are you doing?  You look great.  And as I have done in the past, I am happy to share my regime and what I am doing for my well being, with others.  Anything that has to do with this subject I will title “Healthy Life style”.

So, I guess it is obvious by now that I have lost weight that I had picked up following my cancer treatment.  Let’s talk about that for a moment.  I picked up approximately  15 lbs in the year of treatment due mostly to the fact that food tasted weird.  You would think that would make me lose weight.  I found that the only food that tasted reasonably good while on chemo was bland foods.  Consequently, I ate things I don’t normally eat like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, cream of wheat etc.  Having not had carbs in my diet for YEARS and also being much more sedentary, I put on some 15 lbs  of weight.  Then, I think the Tamoxifen did not help etc.  Oh, and let’s not forget menopause .

With all these changes at once, my weight changed.  I was pushing 150.  I know that is not horrible on my 5’7″ frame but I was not happy with it.  Then let’s talk about the biggest challenge of all, chemo fatigue.  If I tried to exercise at all, for the next 3 days I was a zombie. I functioned but was completely drained of all energy.

I digress to some historical info……….. In the summer of 2011, I was asked to cover a man named Marshall Reeves herculean attempt to race a bike across America.  See RAC to find out more  (  I was getting info via text at 2 and 3 AM at times of Marshall’s progress in the race which I shared on social media channels.  I was in complete awe of Marshall, I would be sound asleep and wake up to realized that he had biked through the night to gain distance in the cool of the night.  I found myself catching a bit of the biking bug.  I knew the odds of me being able to ride in such a ride was fantasy but it piqued my interest.  Then in march, I helped to bring the first high level bike race to Brevard County, the Gran Fondo.  It was exciting to see an idea that a few friends had to raised money for KLD take wings and fly.  While helping with this 123 mile race and meeting some of the cycling celebs, my interest grew even stronger.  I wanted to ride.  By the time race day dawned I was in full out LUST to get a race bike and ride.

At the Gran Fondo a race bike was being raffled off to raise $$$ for KLD so I bought a healthy amount of tickets, figuring that it was good regardless if I won the bike.  So on the day of the race, I announced to God and everyone, I wanted that bike.  When I laid my eyes on it….it was beautiful.  I heard whispers that it was worth $3500, wow I had no idea  that race bikes cost as much as my motorcycle.  This was my chance because I sure could not afford to buy the bike without selling my motorcycle.  And so I put it out there all day……that bike was mine!  When it came time for the drawing, I waited anxiously………..and then it appeared the drawing was done and I was NOT the winner.  Oh well, that was that.  As I packed up my stuff to head home, someone came and put their arm around my shoulder and told me……..I WON THE BIKE!  No way……………..really?  Sure enough they wheeled it over and John and I were trying to figure out how to get it home.  How could this be?  I KNOW I did not win this bike.  Later that night as I sat home with my beautiful prize someone texted me and clued me in.  Someone else won but saw my desire to embrace the sport and GAVE IT to ME!!  So now I did not know what to think.  I cried and thanked God (and that person) and asked why I did not win the bike directly.  The still small voice said “because you need to know just how much you are loved”.  And that voice is right, I lose sight of that easily (but I am getting better).  What a wonderful gift and reminder each and every time I get on it.  I am LOVED. I am HEALTHY.  I am WORTHY.  The same mantra I repeated in the chemo chair, I now say as I ride the bike.  And let’s not forget….”.I can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST, who strengthens me”.

So now I have this beautiful bike and I was trying to ride it.  I had no trouble riding for 16-20 miles but then I was a zombie for days.  I had to figure this out.  I talked to my doctor but he did blood work only to announce I was in perfect health.  A familiar story was developing.  Something was wrong with me but no one could figure it out.  Finally in desperation again, I called upon my friend Roxanne Guy and she recommended I see Dr. Rebecca Hunton.  And so in May I did.

I love the type of medicine that Dr, Hunton practices.  She calls it Integration medicine.  It is EAST meets WEST medicine.  She dug about three layers deeper than the other physicians and found out that there were some very serious things wrong with me.  I will write more about this later and in detail.  Bottom line, she had me change my diet, put me on supplements and got to the bottom of the issue.  Starting within about  3 weeks, I was feeling great and better with each passing day.

So……..I am riding my bike a minimum of an hour a day.  I bought a trainer so that I can ride indoors during the week.  The weight is definitely down and the muscle is definitely building.  I am back in my size 4 pants and my mojo is definitely back.

I will write more in detail about the diet and supplements………………….OH and my hair is growing LIKE WEEDS.  More on all of this soon.  I rode the bike this morning for a half an hour and will most likely do another hour tonight.  I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN 5+ years!!!

So, I am in training to ride the 123 miles in the Gran Fondo this year with John to raise money per mile for KLD.  We will raise money per mile, let me know if you want to support us.  We are excited about this ride.

She is a beauty and only nine pounds.

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