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Reflections on being a survivor………………..

I am feeling rather reflective today.  As I write this post Tucker is not at home.  He is, in fact, at a memorial in Rockledge for a friend’s Mom.

Tucker was a senior at Viera High the year we fought cancer.  He has a good friend Jess, whose Mom was also diagnosed with cancer that year.  She had been diagnosed with colon cancer.  I don’t think the boys realized it but the common bond of the cancer diagnosis of their respective Mom’s, brought them closer.  I don’t think they actually talked about it much at all but I do think it was just understood between them.  They were experiencing some similar things.

Tucker told me last weekend that he had this memorial to go to.  I asked him if he wanted me to go with him today, he said no.  I did not know Jess’ Mom but yet I did.  I know she wanted to survive her cancer, attend weddings, hold her grandchildren.  She wanted to celebrate 50 years of marriage with her husband, go to the beach again.  She wanted to dance, sing and love those around her.

I like to think I am always grateful and thankful for everything.  Today I realize I am NOT!  I sometimes gripe about where I live, my small house etc.  I guarantee Jess’ Mom would trade places with me today, in a heartbeat.  Just to have one more day………..

So, I have asked God forgiveness today for my ungrateful attitude at times.  God wants us to thank him for EVERYTHING.  It is a balancing act to strive for more and to be better and remain grateful for RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!!!  I pray I can obtain and retain that “sweet spot”.

Dear God  Be with Jess and his family today as they reflect on the life of their love one.  Help them to draw close to you and to love one another.  Thank you for your infinite love and mercy to all of us.  It is new each and everyday!!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on being a survivor………………..

  1. Good post/thoughts. I too thank the Lord for this day and all that I have – including the wonderful people in my life such as yourself Dawn! Hugs, Paula

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