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God HEARS even the smallest desire of my heart……..what my heart whispers he hears!

You know how we women are, we can have 2 closets full of clothes (and I did) but we have our favorite outfits and things that make us feel pretty.  I had one particular top that I loved prior to my cancer diagnosis  It was a white lined crochet top and made by Lilly Pulizter.  It looked fabulous on me.  It looked great with my nearly always tanned skin.  Most importantly, when I wore it, I felt pretty.  I got compliments nearly every time I put it on. It looked great with jeans, or capri pants etc.  if you are a woman, you get the picture!

When the wheels came off my life in 2009, I lost all my clothing and possessions for nearly 2 years.  Then when the court ordered that my ex husband return all of my stuff in the summer of 2011.  I feverishly looked through several boxes of clothes (that had been doused with baby oil and dish detergent, yes how vindictive is that?)  I was hoping to be reunited with my favorite top……..but it was not to be.  The things that my ex knew where my favorites were missing and not returned, the white crochet top being at the top of the list.

And so for the past 3 years as I have talked to God about all my disappointments and things that I felt were “lost” at the time of my diagnosis.  We have had long talks about broken relationships, lost “stuff” etc.

And just this week guess what came to me?  Yep, my favorite top has been replaced and I now have the same exact top but in a new and appropriate color <<<  PINK >>>>>

God is soooooooo good to me.  The replacement of my favorite top was just a small rather “insignificant” desire I had. But my God wants me to have all the noble desire’s of my heart.  He does these types of things for me to reinforce that he is listening and that he has a crazy crush on me.  And as a dear friend of mine says:  God is GOOD like that!!

Thank you God for your love, for the restoration of my life and for making my today infinitely better than my yesterdays!!  I can trust you with not only the big stuff in my life but also the “small stuff”  YOU ROCK!!  I think I may wear this to the B PINK launch party in October!!!  Yep, I just may do that  🙂


4 thoughts on “God HEARS even the smallest desire of my heart……..what my heart whispers he hears!

  1. I LOVE this story!!! So nice to meet you today and I am so happy that you found a replacement for your favorite top (and even better, got away from your ex- who is obviously a huge jerk!!!). xo Mica

    1. As in this story, I choose to focus on the blessing and how it was an opportunity for my God to send a love note to me……wrapped in PINK 🙂 Nice to meet you too!!!
      Be blessed. I sent an email to the editor about your shop, apparently already one of her favs 🙂 She is planning to shine the light on your beautiful establishment!!


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