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A different Take on Father’s Day!!

Good Morning!!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!!

What is a father?  Is it a male who mixes his DNA with a female and produces progeny?  Is it someone who sticks around when their child is cute and cuddly but ditches when the child becomes a teenager and stages become more challenging?  Or is it someone who regularly and continually invests time and sacrifices self for the benefit of youth that are in their midst?  I  argue that it is the later. In this disposable society that we live in, it is sad how many beautiful, young souls are tossed aside by their biological fathers and are being raised by others.

Case in point:  I know an absolutely beautiful young lady that has not had contact with her Dad for almost a year because of a silly incident from last summer.  It was a typical kid being a kid thing, irresponsibility that you must expect even from the best of kids.  And because of it, her Dad belittled her and has ceased to have contact with her for nearly a year.  Is that a father?  Or is it the step Dad who has spent the last year loving that child, taking her fishing and reinforcing that she is worthy of love, time and affection.

Another case in point:  My fiance John Bibby has NO BIOLOGICAL children.  Four years ago John lamented to me that he had no children and because of a congenital problem, he never would have any children.  At that time, I told him he could have as many “children” as his heart desired.  What makes a child yours is not Biological markers, it is connection and investment of time.  It took a couple of years for this seed to germinate and last year when he was offered a job at KLD, I told him this was his chance to have “children”.  I sit here this morning in tears as John has just left the house to take 6 of “his children” off to do an activity.  Two of those children are “ours” (my youngest two).  And four of those kids are kids from KLD that need a “Dad”.

Bottom line:  You can have whatever noble desire you have deep in your heart but you must be open to the different possible ways that it may be achieved.   I am thankful and Grateful that GOD is fulfilling John’s desire for children.  He is making a huge difference and I am so proud of him.

I have to go now………..I am preparing a huge breakfast for his kids when they get back!!  God Bless the true Dad’s in this world.  God bless the important work they do!

John and Kids at the ART OF SAND competition. Ps……….check out the t shirts 🙂

One thought on “A different Take on Father’s Day!!

  1. Dawn … I love this! I’m sitting here with tears pouring down my face bc what you have written is true. I don’t know what a father is or what it’s like to have a child. I missed out on both…..but got bits and pieces along the way…….really all lost as time went on. I feel it’s the kind and wonderful people who come into our lives and love and care for us “like” a family does. Your blog is so true and touching. John has a wonderful wife to be and I have a great friend!!!
    Hugs, Jen W.

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