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HELLO FRIEND……………finally the answer!!

Let’s face it, we have all been intrigued by the cryptic TV commercials that have showed up on the landscape in the last month.  I am the GOOGLE queen when it comes to any snippet of unknown material crosses my radar screen.  I have GOOGLED this phrase every couple of days to see what I can uncover.

Being in the marketing and advertising business, I have to give the originator of this campaign kudos.  While I find it annoying to not know what it is about, this campaign has me and countless others doing the same thing.  From that perspective…….it is genius.  Ask almost anyone not living under a rock, everyone is aware of these ads and have the same questions.  Obviously, the ads have made an impression……..but of what?

It reminds me of a campaign of billboards outside of Phillie that read in very angry and bold font…….I HATE STEVEN SINGER.  I thought for sure the billboards were the ploy of a scorned woman.  They had a website on the billboard and nothing else.  So, as soon as I was able, I GOOGLED and checked out the website that was on the billboard.  It lead me to………a jewelry store.  Yes, a jewelry store.  I thought I was going to read a salacious story about some love gone wrong.  I was very surprised at the content of the website in question.  Again, a stroke of genius and a tongue in cheek…….”made you look” rang in my ears.

So……………..what is HELLO FRIEND?

1. A new dating site

2. A psychologist call in show about friendship

3. A political campaign ploy

4. _______________________you fill in the blank.  What do you think? I’d love to hear what you think.

PS…….Update it is a BRIGHTHOUSE campaign.  Go figure!!!



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