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The BIG Picture………….God’s View

Once upon a time, when I was in Kindergarten, my grandmother would drive me to St. John’s Lutheran Church daily.  I really don’t have a ton of memories from that time.  I have a few vague memories and impressions from my time spent there, with one distinct exception.

On one very normal day, Nana had driven me to St. John’s and as usual, I was exiting her vehicle and starting to walk across the gravel parking lot towards the church/ school.  All of a sudden I caught Nana moving very quickly out of the corner of my eye.  Nana was in her late 40’s at this time and I was not accustomed to seeing her run.  Next thing I know, she was shoving me.  I bounced off an adjacent vehicle and dropped my books and was down on the ground.  The gravel bit into one of my knees and I was bleeding a little bit.  I remember my 6-year-old mind thinking……what in the world?  I looked up at Nana questioning her actions and starting to cry.  She on the other hand was looking down the slope of the parking lot and was shaking her head.  She finally looked at me and asked me if I was alright?  Through my tears I said “NO, YOU PUSHED ME”!  I was bewildered and confused.  Nana had always been a source of love and comfort.  Her actions were sooooo in-congruent with what I expected.  She helped me up and grabbed me and began hugging me.  Now I was REALLY confused.  Her actions were very unusual.  I thought maybe she was mad at me and now she was squeezing me to death.

What I did not realize was that as I exited the car, another car that had failed to put on an emergency brake was quietly rolling toward me and I was directly in its path.  Because the engine was not running, it was completely silent as it careened in my direction.  Nana (being taller than I ) saw the danger and rushed to push me out of harms way.  She SAVED MY LIFE!!

When I think about God’s view of us and our daily lives, I am reminded of this incident.  I had limited information and scope in the incident with the runaway vehicle but Nana did not.  Because of her elevated stature and maturity, she saw dangers that I was oblivious to.  I think that is an excellent analogy of our limited view and information in comparison to God.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I remember similar feelings of bewilderment, confusion and fear.  What was GOD doing?  I now see that he was saving my life and removing me from a dangerous situation.  It was his love and wisdom that allowed me to experience cancer in order to ultimately save me.  I was NOT in a good place before my diagnosis.  God knew that and he had much better things for me!

So, there are times when I find myself perplexed by people or circumstances that surround me.  But my cancer experience has built my faith to the point where I know I CAN trust God with everything in my life.  God is for me and his ways are not my ways,……….they are so much better.  After all, he has a more complete view than I do and sees the complete picture of my life.  The BIG PICTURE is HIS view.


2 thoughts on “The BIG Picture………….God’s View

  1. Wow, Dawn! Great insight. You are in such a place to be able to offer a great perspective on walking with the LORD through hard times. Thank you for being such an encourager and letting God use you in a powerful way in the lives of so many. Your blog reminds me of Romans 8:28. Blessings to you, Dawn!!

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